It’s highly difficult to find a concrete definition for Postmodernism. So, what is Postmodernism? What assures us that postmodernism is influence by art, education, music, etc.? What affect will postmodernism have on future art, literature, etc.?
The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia defines Postmodernism as “Any of several artistic movements since about the 1960s that have challenged the philosophy and practices of modern arts or literature. In literature this has amounted to a reaction against an ordered view of the world and therefore against fixed ideas about the form and meaning of texts.”
John Story attempts to help readers understand postmodernism and the effects it has on our lives. He explains to audiences that postmodernism had a large effect on the world’s perspectives on art, literature, philosophy etc. Most people believe it was triggered by the art pop and pop music of the 1960’s, opening a huge door of acceptance and change. This culture change had a great roar of reaction from “modernists” because ideas differed so greatly from their’s.

Postmodernism is highly relevant to future discussion if Popular music celebrities because it will give people away to understand why certain celebrities are doing certain things and see how it fit with the hyperrealism of what we usually see in the “entertainment industry”.

The most important ideas in Postmodernism are the idea of individualism and the idea of knowledge and rationalization.
Key terms needed the future to discuss popular music are hyperrealism,  oscillation, and nostalgia.
There are many artists who represent
one or more of the ideas stated by John Storey. To name a few, O.J. Simpson, Charlie Sheen, and Miley Cyrus.