Paper #2 Assignment

The second paper was very interesting, seeing how people continue to argue between ethnicity and the blues music. I think my paper would have been better if I had used a blues artist or a song from the blues by a controversial artist.Having a song would have made the argument a little bit more interesting and persuasive to the readers. It would have given them an example of ethnicity having nothing to do with authenticity or talent. Also, It would have shown readers that stopping a person from a certain race to engage in an activity would is racist and that it is possible for people with different skin colors to have the same or similar ethnicity, I should have used more examples to back up my argument and showed how black musicians had made a break through in “white genres” such as country, heavy metal or even rock. It would have helped me argue that people should be able to express themselves in what ever genre, despite their ethnicity, I like that I used the Beastie Boys and Eminem to show how white artist broke the hip hop barrier against rap artist. It would have been better to inform the artists that these white musicians have broken the barrier and made way for new white hip hop artists to portray their music and share it with the hip-hop community, To show readers that there are still white hip-hop artists in the industry and they are able make hip-hop music and face less racist criticism than 30 years ago and to be welcome into it by other black artists.


Mind/Body Split Theory: Maroon 5- Animals

The band, Maroon 5, has finally gotten to their fifth studio album, V. Their second official single, Animals, has reached number two on Billboard biz’s Mainstream Top 40. The song was released August 22 of this year and has been featured in a Kia commercial and has a remix featuring J. Cole. Animals is a raunchy song that exhibits the mind/body split theory to a degree. I agree with the mind/body theory to an extent, meaning, I believe at times, one’s mind would be able to interpret the song completely (including lyrics, tempo, etc.) which as a result would give them the feeling for wanting to move, moving in agreement to the sounds and the word. I also believe that at times, people would be moving to the music in an “artless way (brainless way)” not comprehending the lyrics or the beat completely, but there would be one part of the song, it could be very simplistic, that causes them to move about. The mind/body theory does exist but not in every instance, when a person would listen to music.

We see that the song can be interpreted into two different ways, literal meaning of an animal hunting or figurative explanation of sexual activity between the narrator and the person he speaks of. In the Kia commercial, the animals (Hamsters) within the commercial illustrated the Maroon 5 song, as the chorus, “Baby, I’m preying on you tonight/Hunt you down eat you alive/Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals/Maybe you think that you can hide/I can smell your scent for miles/Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals” would play in the background, lessening the sexual meaning.
But within the song, the lyrics, “So what you trying to do to me/It’s like we can’t stop we’re enemies/But we get along when I’m inside you/You’re like a drug that’s killing me”, exhibits a catchy stanza, illustrates and shows the need for sex between the narrator and the person spoken of.

Adam Levine’s, the front man of the group, persona is very sexual. Levine is a sex symbol and was named “Sexiest Man Alive” in November 2013, by People magazine. Within the Animal video, he was portrayed as a creepy man, who stalked a beautiful women in hopes to become intimate with her. In the beginning, viewers saw Levine following and taking pictures of the beautiful women and were shown Levine in a dark room, where many pictures of the beautiful girl was processing. These actions in Levine’s video shows him “hunting” the girl because he was sexually attracted to her. When it came down to talking to her she wasn’t interested, so Levine continues to hunt and dream about her. When people actually watch the video, Levine’s persona helps them focus more on the lyrics rather than dancing. His status as being one of the “Sexiest man alive” allows fans to understand that he will make “Sexy” music but the fans response to the music will vary. Either making them want to dance or sit down and just listen.