The Nature of Charismatic Domination

In Richard Dyer’s Heavenly Bodies and Stars, and Max Weber’s The Nature of Charismatic Domination there are three similarites. These similarities are Individualism, Influence, and Politics. Individualism was expressed in all three texts, but what is individualism? Well, according to Richard Dyer, “The individual is seen as a separate and coherent entity (Heavenly Bodies).”  But how was individualism expressed in stars and charismatic leaders. Weber described a charismatic leader as a person ,”who possesse specific physical and spiritual gifts which were regarded as supernatural, in the sense of not being available to everyone.” Now people look at film stars, such as Angelina Jolie,  and charismatic leaders, such as Jesus, they see people who have talents which most people do not possess.
Influence is very big between the two. For a celebrity, when their fame increases, they influence increases as well. A star’s image must be created for the public. When the star proves that they have talent or something that audiences like, a large fan base is created and in turn they fans would want to be like those stars. It’s quite similar for charismatic leaders. Weber stated in The Nature of Charismatic Domination,  “Above alll, however, his divine mission must ‘prove’ itself in that those who entrust themselves to him must prosper.” This here means that when the charismatic leader proves himself, he would be able to get more supporters and charismatic followers who will be highly influenced by him. 
Politics is a large part of it. The charismatic leader will always have to deal with a political situation. The people depend on the charismatic leader to make good decisions to will help in their everyday lives and create a structure environment. Stars sometimes make themselves involved in politics. In Richard Dyer’s text, Stars, he made a point that stars will use their talents to be able to influence people’s political and social choices. Dyer spoke about Shirley Temple who was involved in movies during the great depression,  when people struggled with money. But in her movies, she would influence others to donate to the poor and help each other out. Politics, Influence, and Individualism are the similarities between all three texts.


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