Richard Dyer’s Text.

       After reading Richard Dyer’s texts, “Stars” and “Heavenly Bodies”, three points appeared to be the most important to me. The first and most important point that Dyer made was the building of a celebrity’s image. A star works to become more of a commodity,  but gaining the attention is very difficult, celebrities need several people to help them create an image, improve their skills, and help them become known. In the text, “Heavenly Bodies”, Dyer said, “Images have to be made. Stars are produced by the media industries, film stars are produced by Hollywood… Stars are made for profit… Stars are involved in making themselves into commodities.” What stars do in order to become more profitable and valuable is that they would basically change their entire life style, bringing people into their lives (like make – up artists, dieticians, bodybuilders, etc.), and listen to the directions of “Hollywood” or other agencies. Dyer also called these people, “Manufacture stars” because what Hollywood would do is break the stars down, in a way, and build them back up, piece by piece. Justin Bieber is a great example of this point. When Bieber entered the music world he was always seen as the good boy, but after a while in the music industry, his whole style has changed. He went from a good guy who played several instruments to a bad boy who does various criminal activies.
      Another good point that Dyer made was in the text “Stars”, he said that celebrities were used to spread political or social ideologies. After a star’s commodity has risen and they have the ability to capture a whole country’s attention, their influence on society may have risen as well. Dyer largely referred to the child star, Shirley Temple, based off of Charles Eckert’s article. “Eckert links Temple to the political solutions offered by the Republicans and Democrats to the poverty born of the Depression – the former stressed the role of individual charity, …” Temple was a very influential child, and because she was a child people wouldn’t believe that she was spreading political ideologies but rather good morale. Temple was able to give many people enjoyment in a rather tough time, she showed people that they shouldn’t be selfish to one another and that every one should come together. In a way, Hollywood was able to influence people into engaging in an activity that the politician wanted them to do.
     The last important part Dyer had made was the “individualism” of stars. He says, “The ‘individual’ is a way of thinking and feeling about the discrete human person, including oneself, as a separate and coherent entity.” Dyer explains that stars try to share their “individualism” with their fans through biographies and close – ups,  allowing people to know about their private lives, skill set, and personality. He also says that in order for one to be an individual,  one must be separate and not influenced or structurally placed with their society/culture, and their choices aren’t limited and predefined.
    These points are highly important because it allows people to have a better understanding of stars who have changed to fit the “music world”, who spreads ideologies, and who are different from the norm. Richard Dyer basically says that in order to build a star, one must destroy the inner – self, reconstruct, and become a commodity. It removes the stars former selves in order to make money for themselves and Hollywood.


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